3D Printing Porcelain High-tech Birth Artwork

3D Printed Porcelain High Tech Birth Artwork

When 3D printing brings new convenience to people's lives, this high technology also changes the art world. 3D printing allows artists to have a richer form of expression. Art is refreshing, but it also poses a problem for the art market to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity. Put aside its own value, let us see what high-tech art is born.

Portrait Art Artists from Brooklyn conducted a 3D print for people traveling in the area in a tourism-themed art project and scanned their portraits in 3D. The world’s largest 3D printed art exhibition has attracted people’s attention around the world by presenting travel theme parks in front of people with a replica ratio of 1:13 ratio.

The complexity of the work has created a lot of time for production. The entire printing time exceeds 10,000 hours. The artist displays the portraits of hundreds of residents and tourists who were scanned in 3D using the world's largest desktop 3D printer technology. Huge works already fill the entire space of the museum gallery.

Ceramics are very different. London artists use ceramic 3D printing technology to produce ceramics. These works of art look like pencil-like paintings on paper, including simple objects such as chairs and matches, as well as butterflies. Tool bags and other craft complex works. One example is ceramics, whose realistic imitation effects make it difficult to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity. Just like Chinese artists said: With high-tech means now, art fraud has risen to a new level. Not only is the simulation high, but it has also begun to replicate on a large scale, making the original art market even more “strange”.

Removable wooden shoes wooden shoes are not rare, but this detachable wooden shoes designed by the Israeli designer, is the use of walnut, gold-plated copper and silver and other materials, with CNC, welding, filling, and finally printed by 3d Crafts made from advanced techniques such as casting and casting.

Because of its special disassembly function, the less frequently used parts can be hung on the wall, saving room space. But most importantly, its unique texture and structural design are the essence of this artwork.

The fabric is light and thin, the drape feeling is good, the modeling line is smooth, and the clothing contour is naturally stretched. We often use straight-line shape in clothing design of this kind of clothes, which reflects the graceful curve of human body and the flowing sense of fabric lines.

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