Summary of methods and advantages and disadvantages of printing on non-woven fabrics

Non-woven bag printing is a printing product that Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign merchants prefer recently. Non-woven fabrics have always used silk screen printing, which has been a common printing process used by many manufacturers. However, as the requirements of customers continue to increase, The silk screen effect is not accepted by many businesses, mainly because:

1. The silk screen printing ink is relatively heavy, and the printing ink is easy to solidify. It feels feel when touched, and the surface is not smooth enough.

2, the screen printing ink used for non-woven fabrics is not environmentally friendly (it is difficult to color with environmentally friendly ink screen printing non-woven fabric)

Nowadays, environmental protection is advocated, so printing inks must be environmentally friendly, which is now specified by all businesses.

3, silk screen outlets are not beautiful enough, difficult to follow the color, printing effect is not ideal.

In response to these problems, we have specially developed - printing non-woven bags with offset UV printing machines:

The process of printing leather and fabric (non-woven fabric) is our own printing process. We are also the first to adopt this printing.

One of the manufacturers of the craft. Our company has 7 or 8 years of experience in the offset printing process. The technology and quality are excellent. Now it has been accepted by the majority of merchants.

The process of printing leather and cloth is mainly for the improvement and improvement of the old printing process silk screen.

Offset printing has the following main advantages:

1. The printing accuracy is good, the printing process is exquisite, and the color printing cough reaches 95% similarity with the picture. After the adjustment, all the large goods are consistent with the sample.

There is no problem with chromatic aberration before printing.

2, the outlets are fine, the printing effect can have a three-dimensional effect (such as printing landscapes, characters, and some difficult printing requirements) and can achieve gradient

Color effect, this is a very lyrical printing effect of the majority of businesses.

3, offset printing can use environmentally friendly ink, and can print different types of environmentally friendly materials, a wide range of practicality.

4, the price ratio is high

Screen printing costs are relatively expensive compared to start-up printing.

Because silk screen requires a large number of people, labor costs will improve the finished product.

Offset printing uses fully automatic machine printing, which not only saves labor costs, but also greatly improves production efficiency, thus achieving the goal of reducing costs.

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