More attractive 4 sales quotation tips

[] Description: The sales quotation method is a very delicate matter. The method of knowing the quotation can cleverly retain the customer. Here are a few common sales quotation methods, I hope to help your sales work!

After the enterprise has determined the corresponding pricing method according to the situation of the enterprise and the market, in order to reach a transaction, it should also pay attention to the use of the quotation method.

First, the quotation method

The forward quotation method is a traditional quotation method, that is, the seller first reports a higher price or the buyer reports a lower price. This kind of quotation method, the number of false reports in the price is generally more, leaving room for further consultation between buyers and sellers. After the seller has reported a high price, if the buyer believes that the seller’s price is too high, he will immediately reject or suspect the seller’s sincerity and ask the seller to lower the price. When the buyer thinks that the seller's price is more reasonable, the buyer will still insist that the seller continue to lower the price. Once the seller cuts the price, the buyer will have a certain satisfaction. At this time, as long as the seller can seize the opportunity, the transaction can often be successful. If the price reported by the seller is too much, which exceeds the foreseeable small income of the other party, it becomes a random price, and the negotiation between the buyer and the seller cannot continue.

Second, the method of reverse quotes <br> <br> offer reverse method is a counter-offer traditional methods, which would be, first reported a low price seller or buyer reported a high price in order to attract more customers. Inducing the purpose of customer negotiation interests. Then, look for breakthroughs from other trading conditions, gradually raise or lower prices, and finally close the price at the expected price. Using this quotation method, the risk of the first quotation is greater. In the case that the negotiating position of the quoting party is not very favorable, after the unexpected price of the other party is reported, although it is possible to exclude other competitors, it will also bear the risk that it is difficult to bring the price back to the expected level. Business negotiators are more demanding and should be avoided in actual business negotiations unless it is necessary.

Third, the first quotation method

The first quotation method means to fight for the first quotation. This method of quotation gives one's own initiative and provides a range of price negotiations for both parties. For example, when the buyer first reports a low price, the expected transaction price between the two parties is between the buyer's price and the seller's expected price. Conversely, when the seller first quotes a high price, the expected transaction price between the two parties should be between the seller's quoted price and the buyer's expected price.

Fourth, the mantissa quotation method

The mantissa quotation method uses the mantissa with a special meaning or the "psychological mantissa" pricing of people to avoid integer quotations. The use of the mantissa quotation method is aimed at people's psychology of numbers and, on the other hand, the need for business negotiation skills. As mentioned above, the price of a certain commodity is generally calculated based on the actual cost plus the profit, and there are fewer integers. Therefore, when one party adopts the integer quotation method, it is often difficult to convince the other party. For example, using some national or local customs and habits, use the numbers that local people particularly prefer in the quotation or counter-offer, and vote for them.

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