"Origin of London" WSM 2014 spring and summer new orders will come to an end

August 21, WSM2014 Lunar New Year Lunar New Year in the second round of malls in Hong Kong Poly Plaza, the event "to London" as the theme, the opening of a four-day ordering activities. Franchisees and distributors come together to participate in new product reviews.


WSM2014 spring and summer products are still the traditional French romance as the core, with "modern city", "Confidence OL", "simple romance" and "light luxury" as the leading four design forums, to create "the origin of London" product theme. Product style combines a small British retro, small fresh design elements, exquisite carving European city style and Macaron color trends, 尽显 WSM's romantic personality, fashion atmosphere.

“缘起伦敦”W.S.M 2014春夏新品订货会圆满落幕

The order will be for dealers to show a total of about 300 new products, designers are also based on the characteristics of each product, inviting models to join the agents one by one to explain, so that the "origin of London," the product features to the highest quality display.

WSM spring and summer of 2014 "from London" order will be in the collaboration and efforts of staff and participants of the successful conclusion came to an end. Focusing on each other and getting older and innovating, every step of the day is a brand new beginning. WSM devotes itself to making innovations and concentrating on details in an effort to show the newest and best ourselves to the world every time.

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