How much is the quality of the gold towel?

The Golden Towel Weaving Industry is a large group company that integrates textile, printing and dyeing, finishing and deep processing. Jinhao Towel's high-quality raw materials, leading research and development, advanced equipment, unique craftsmanship and excellent workmanship have enabled Jinhao to produce countless home decoration products. The Golden Towel is highly praised by consumers at home and abroad.

How much is the quality of the gold towel?

The gold towel has many advantages. The gold towel is recognized by everyone as good quality. The gold towel series is made of high quality pure cotton weaving. It feels natural and comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin. Soft to the touch, fluffy terry, good water absorption. The gold towel is distinguished and noble. The Golden Towel brand is also one of the top ten brands in China, 100% cotton, allowing you to enjoy a healthy life.

The price of gold towels is generally around 40 to 50, and there are also a dozen or so cheaper ones, or a little more expensive within 100 pieces.

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