How lace is sewn on clothing

Lace stitching on clothing is often used in sewing techniques such as sew-sew stitching, squish-folding, seam-folding, lap-stitching, splicing, and hand-sewing. Lace is mostly woven with light edges, sometimes with full weaving. There are no rules for the use of laces for garment accessories. There are no mature considerations for the use of lace, and the thickness and type of lace are arbitrary. Sometimes weaving is also used for the whole piece, and we need to cut it for local use.

The following is a detailed introduction to you: The usage of lace is almost the same as pure cotton. Sequin lace is usually used in a variety of autumn and winter summer dresses, stage equipment and small pieces of clothing on the use of more, sewing seams, laminate sewing, fit together, hand sewing process is more common, this lace due to a sequined pattern In the drawings, it is not suitable to use broken-folding or broken-folding when sewing. Therefore, embroidered lace is mainly used for moldings such as moldings and trims, and special laces can also be used as accessories for high-grade clothing.

Embroidery lace is also a kind of product that is commonly used in clothing laces. Generally, people classify embroidery laces into cotton lace, water-soluble lace and mesh lace. The characteristics of each major category will be described in detail on the corresponding website of Xiamen Yishang Textile. Here, we will discuss the general features. The embroidered lace pattern is clear and complete, and the flowers are full of three-dimensional feeling. In the selection of materials, there are mainly cotton, rayon, polyester thread, and sometimes the addition of gold and silver thread to increase the outstanding sense of lace. The most important part of the production process is the requirements of the technologist. If the production process is not good, the impact on the quality of the lace is relatively large, and the experienced lace craftsman can design higher programs with the same quality to increase production and reduce costs. It takes a bit longer to make a sample than cotton lace. Yishang Textile Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing for many years to better serve its guests. Overcoming the requirements of MOQ, if you need all types of samples, you can also set the sample by drawing.

Cotton laces are usually used for cuffs, hem, skirt, body, neckline, and other parts of summer clothing. Before lacing, laces must be pre-shrinked before use. Generally, stacking seams, superimposed seams, and folded seams are used. Silk yarn is made of intertwined lace silk material. When sewing, 9# burs are used, and it cannot be removed. Usually, the hem is used more often at the bottom of the hem. Generally, superimposed sewing and hand sewing are used.

Polyester lace: Polyester lace is made of polyester yarn as its main raw material. Applies to all kinds of women, such as underwear, wedding dresses, sweaters, leather clothing, dresses, stage equipment, pajamas, fashion. It is usually used to fit together, overlap stitching, overlap stitching, broken stitching, broken stitches, hand stitches. Usually used for cuffs, hem, skirts, clothing, collars, and pockets of summer clothing.

Nylon lace is made of nylon yarn and elastic nylon yarn as the raw material shrinkage rate is relatively large, lace first before the use of pre-shrinkage treatment. It is often used in combination, overlap stitching, overlap stitching, sew stitching, squish stitching, hand stitching, and sometimes as elastic. Usually used for cuffs, hem, skirt, body, neckline, underwear and other parts of summer clothing.

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