Congratulations to FGFEEL Pop Fashion Women's 3 Stores, Grand Opening

At the end of the year, the Pop style FGFEEL women's clothing brought a lot of good news! Recently, the popular FGFEEL ladies' clothing store opened in Jurong City Tianyi Mall, Shandong Weifang Zhongbai, Zhengzhou Bohai Beijin Shopping Plaza one after another! I wish the pop style FGFEEL women's new store opened and the business is booming! I also wish that the puffer style FGFEEL women's clothing store will be located in the motherland's north and south!

Pop style is still focused on the style, but also quickly capture the message of fast fashion, pop style of the DNA simply said that there are two kinds of consumers in the society, mature consumers and immature consumers . The pop general wants to build a mature customer base, which is also the development trend of the future society. We interpret Pope's customers in this way. They are women who have the ability to think independently, have their own opinions, and pursue cost-effectiveness.

The mix and match spirit worn for oneself is the dress logic and rules of the pop style and the essence of brand design. The pop style spread the handsome, free attitude of dress to every corner of the city. She was like a modern lady sitting across the saddle. She fluttered with the whip and drove the wild horse. Free mix and match is her fashion attitude, low-key sexy is her usual style.

The sport sense runs through the design of pop style, natural materials, good skin-friendlyness and comfort, like the drizzle of spring in May, allowing Ms. Pop to break free and stretch and breathe freely. Yue, delectable.

Fast fashion is a gorgeous turn of the pop style. She uses a new way to read fashion, quickly and rapidly picking up the most popular elements, and applying it to fashion design to become a fashion trend. The change of fashion is changing with each passing day, but the concept of life that we advocate is still as good as yesterday. Feel GOOD FEELING feels good in life at any time.

Pop style love • freedom - fast fashion, customer zero inventory management! Recruit high-quality partners, channels long-term win-win cooperation!

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