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Autumn and winter warm coat style, and the silhouette coat is absolutely the main autumn and winter models. Profiled coat is just a general term, in short the outline of the coat is divided into A type, H type (straight coat) and O type (cocoon coat), the three major profile have their own strengths and weaknesses, we best based on Choose your own size carefully.

O-coat (cocoon coat)

Middle expansion, two tighten the oval, elegant and playful sense of coexistence profile, almost any body size, the key is the color choice. If you attend some important occasions, you need to wear a dignified and elegant style can choose black, camel gray and other classic colors. If you are still young or trendy and playful sense of the flu, you can choose a shorter section and the more bright the better the color, such as a variety of macarons or hit color and so on.

找到适合你的廓形大衣 一定型

Yuxiang Philippines O-coat classic :( Code: 0754418)

This paragraph coat simple and smooth tailoring make your body more curvilinear, suitable for all kinds of women wearing.

H-coat (straight coat)

H-type is actually straight coat, as enduring neutral models, this line is often shown in the outline of the handsome side, neat, British pressing.

找到适合你的廓形大衣 一定型

Yu Xiang Fei H-coat classic models: (Item No.: 0754281)

This section coat with a retro double-breasted placket design, super classic. Atmospheric tailoring make you handsome.

Type A coat

A-type coat, as the name suggests, narrow profile on the narrow, full of retro feel. Masking is also a weapon, especially for the lower body fat little girl. If the coat is large enough to hem, it will also wear cloak effect. You just need to wear a cap, you can create the fifties and sixties of last century, the aristocratic wind.

找到适合你的廓形大衣 一定型

Yu-fei A-type coat classic models: (Item No: 0754986)

This section A-type coat, allows you to show a strong aristocratic atmosphere, highlighting your elegant temperament.

In the autumn and winter, with a profile for their own coat is absolutely the closet in the most cost-effective investment. Although a good coat expensive, but because of its classic style, will allow you to always stand in the forefront of fashion.

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