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If you are a pair of sisters, then Xiaobian will feel envious, but also not too different age, so that two people can dress up a little series of similar models, such a sister loaded with lovers who should be dazzling More, E children's clothing according to send children's clothing Check the sister with style, pink Plaid, red plaid two color Plaid to see what you like more. Pink and white two-color mosaic style plaid style, sweet and very fresh, can be dress style, doll shirt can also be coupled with the umbrella skirt, accompanied by white stockings sweet full filling, and the winter can also be used with a stylish jacket , Loose, self-cultivation can be, if the mother does not match, it does not matter, E Tong Yi sent to tell you. Red and dark blue stitching doll skirt style, doll skirt in the spring and summer has been very popular, but in the autumn and winter can not be missed, red dazzling vitality, coupled with dark blue, stitching, the combination of the two white doll collar, so Fall single wear style is very good-looking, with a woolen jacket is also very stylish, E children's clothing according to the 2015 autumn and winter sister loaded quickly come out fashion dress up.

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