Fall girlfriends out of the street with new popular girlfriends installed

How to wear girlfriends out of the street? Her song of the perfect mix of women out of the street baked. Such a beautiful autumn, and their good girlfriends come out out of the park, patted photos, to retain your beautiful youth. Girlfriends fitted what style looks good, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce these four are stylish, can quickly grasp the eye.


Such girlfriends out of the street money will domineering side leakage, the trend of modern style, sharp wild leopard color, what colorful printing, fluorescent colors are weak burst. So domineering dress will spike the audience. Slim left is slim and handsome, with the right black lace skirt fashion temperament, a wonderful single product makes you more beautiful.

秋季闺蜜装出街搭配 新款流行闺蜜装

Retro color but in today's tide under the interpretation of do not have some charm. Unique version, loose but has a very thin effect. This shallow plaid shirt with a red single item, once again raised the height of fashion. So beautiful single product, and their girlfriends together to buy it.

Picture comes from: her song of women's clothing

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