Autumn and winter election to keep you sexy underwear curve

The weather is getting cold, parents are not wearing more and more it? Pay attention to the warmth, of course, is not wrong, but do not submerge the curve Oh! Beauty Island underwear , still maintain the curve for you to maintain a sexy.


Autumn and winter want to maintain proud of the curve, bra shaping effect must not be neglected factors, good gather shaping effect can make your curve under the thick clothes can also be convex. Beauty Island underwear 5/8 Cup, your chest fat, underarm furs, all the excess fat gather together to enhance the size cup. Classic red coupled with noble golden silk embroidery, 尽显 luxury.

秋冬选对内衣 让你保持性感曲线

Underwear well dressed, shoulder strap also plays a very important role, the strap and cup connected together, this bra style can reduce the strap slip, cup awkward displacement, wearing a better stability, and lace Cover to make the bra more attractive, gray blue also makes you look more feminine.

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