"Chan Chi" body underwear Oriental women the best choice

South Korea Chan Chi Body lingerie, the fashion keywords, the trend of synonymous with the popular color of the times, the distinctive personality of the popular style. Its taste is a kind of self-cultivation, or clever, or pure, or frank, or gentle, put on a woman is a pot of wine, a good poem, a good picture, it is never tired of remembrance. The perfect sexy, sublimation of female charm, the best of female beauty, mellow wine, give him an infinite temptation! Chan Chi underwear, a tailor-made for the East, the most suitable version of the exclusive version of the underwear brand . Designer based on ergonomic principles, the use of breathable soft cloth, ergonomic design to meet the requirements of the product. "Beautiful and intimate, natural and comfortable" is the most outstanding feature of Chan Chi underwear; committed to creating beautiful and healthy fashion career for women, adhere to the sculpture as the female curve of the artist. Put on the Chan Chi underwear, feel comfortable, sunny, healthy, Beautiful and confident personal experience. Now the market is very much underwear, underwear in the election, we must pay attention to choose their own bust, size underwear. And no matter what the outer layer of material, close to the inner layer of cotton must be selected, will be healthy and comfortable. Under the bust size is to buy the bra number, the bust size minus the size under the bust, which is the basis for determining the size of cup when buying bra. 1, the chest with a large U-shaped design, played care chest, breast gather, take the role of furs. 2, the large U-shaped parts of the design with a weak pressure, on the one hand to avoid oppression of the lymphatic system, on the other hand, a large female U-shaped part of the skin more delicate, low pressure design will not cause rough skin and exercise when not feeling. 3, the abdomen does not extend the fabric, strengthen the role of fat in the abdomen, three rows of vertical buckle with high quality steel, not easy to rust, not easy to fall off. Flexible regulation is a very user-friendly design. 4, waist, back with medium-pressure design, better waist, back fat effect. 5, a number of non-high memory soft alloy strip, effectively supporting our upper body, relieve stress on the spine. 6, the back of the herringbone cross design, better smoothing back fat. In the course of exercise, burning, softening, decomposition of excess back fat, fat evenly distributed back, outline the perfect back curve. 7, neck area using a weak pressure design, so that the neck flexible movement. 8, unequal contour radian design, avoid the compression of the lumbar region sitting nerve, the front to avoid the pressure of the sciatic and pubis to achieve the highest point of the abdomen, to help close the abdomen fat. "Chan Chi underwear" underwear staff also provide you with professional caring service, for you to carefully answer the body underwear beautiful requirements. Such a one-stop shopping experience is the market underwear shops do not have, you no longer have to buy underwear but also for home products and headache. "Chan Chi" underwear chain store decorated with warm, to provide you with a beautiful and comfortable shopping environment, you can drink a glass of water here, a little rest, lined with long music, and fully enjoy the fun of shopping! "Chan Chan underwear" underwear shop in the rich product line, an orderly integration in a shop, show Dai shop not only bras, underwear, body sculpting, and home, sleepwear, socks, towels, home textiles, etc. Products, fully meet your shopping needs!