2016 Humen Fashion Week CARMEN "time · heritage" conference

Following the four major international fashion week and domestic first-line fashion week Humen in the fashion city also ushered in their own Fashion Week - The 21st China (Humen) International Fashion Fair and 2016 Humen Fashion Week â–² opening ceremony grand occasion Following the Shenzhen Fashion Week and the Guangdong Fashion Week, Calvary once again interpret the charm of advanced customization Into the Humen Fashion Week, advanced customization series brought to you and your zero distance contact theme Time, heritage Inheritance, precipitation, touch, is meticulous; Naxin, collision, touch, thickness blend Unmasked new, will bloom, will touch ... Longevity, bearing the United States â–² Refining the essence of Western culture and oriental charm In the form of opera to interpret this classic fashion â–² timeline scroll, the time is about to open the door â–² model interpretation of classic fashion