British gentleman Dunhill Dunhill 2014 autumn and winter advertising

Dunhill, who is deeply impressed by the image of the British gentleman, after taking up his post as the new creative director John Ray, was active in the men's fashion week in London in the spring and summer of 2015, and actively brought the brand closer to younger age.

Dunhill, embodying the image of the British gentleman, after taking up the post of the new creative director John Ray, first in the spring and summer men's wear week in London 2015, he has vigorously rejuvenated the brand, including automotive inspiration. The series and the Avorities pilot series, through the use of different materials and pattern decoration, interpret these two major series to have a completely different modern fashion sense.

Today, John Ray’s first autumn and winter 2014 advertising campaign after becoming Dunhill’s creative director was officially unveiled. An internationally acclaimed photographer, Annie Leibovitz, responsible for the photography, and the advertising art design was conceived by House and Holme advertising company Ronnie Cooke Newhouse, with Alfred. The Dunhill Motorities series is the main axis, with a combination of British style, subtle elegance, youthful vitality, and practical and easy-to-wear qualities, revealing the essence of Dunhill's fall/winter collection.

British gentleman Dunhill 2014 autumn and winter advertising

Three male models, Tara Ferry, Andrew Cooper, and Norbert Michalke, who featured in the five images of the campaign, successfully performed the Masons aesthetics of the Dunhill brand and highlighted the unique personality of Dunhill men.

John Ray said: "The British gentleman has a rich life experience, mature world, serious work, taste and clothing become more mellow and refined with the years; I believe that the luxurious and practical costume aesthetics can be recognized by elegant men around the world."

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