"Before the dollar shot" microblogging interactive win thousands of jackpot

Music beat, should not be late! Participate # $ before the shoot, share your creative shots (pictures and video). Whether it's current or in preparation, pre-British fashion men's wear warmly welcomes your participation. Most popular hit the highest volume of work, will have the opportunity to win the pre-$ 1,000 Men's Men Award. The event is about to end on June 10, West shoot off, to seize the opportunity Oh! Event address: http://event.weibo.com/856954 According to the person in charge of the activity revealed that holding this event before the dollar not only aims to improve men's awareness of fashion, but also advocate that people should be good at discovering life Beautiful and happy, intentions record and share the moment of happiness. The way of participation is very simple: Users just upload creative pictures or videos they shot and upload them to the event website. At present, the popularity of activities is gradually heating up and the activities will make the "sea breeze" people "fall". We will wait and see. Since the launch of the event on May 15, netizens have enjoyed a lot of enthusiasm and have enjoyed many creative moments and fashionable street shooting. This reporter saw the Sina microblogging before Sina found that, in fact, the "pre-BC shot" microblogging participation in the way is very simple: as long as the attention and @ pre-BC men's official microblogging, upload their own pictures or video, Participate in "# BC before the beat # #" topic discussion, and @ pre-BC men and three friends can be. After the event, the organizer will select 6 winners based on the amount of pictures or videos uploaded by the users, obtain the pre-xynthia-shaped thousand men's jackpot and the pre-yuan fashion T-shirt for free.

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