Australia spring and summer fashion week swimsuit retro

Mentioned Australian fashion design in the world fashion industry has a weight part, that is the swimsuit. Australia, the largest island in the world, has developed a seaside culture. The visible part is the design of many of the best-selling swimwear in the world, which are well balanced in style and functionality. In addition to being on the local fashion scene such as Australian Fashion Week, Australian swimwear designers and swimwear brands are also demonstrating on platforms such as the Miami Swimwear Week in the United States.

The following we from the Australian Fashion Week swimwear brand spring / summer 2011/2012 release, summed up the three major trends.


Trend One: Retro 1950s

This is a 1956 high society scene, in the film "True Love", Grace Kelly knelt by the pool, pushing a ship model across the water. She wore a white strap swimsuit, accompanied by a short lotus leaf skirt, never a swimsuit looks so elegant.

Of course, in the same period of the 1950s swimsuits, there is also a time-bomb like swimsuit is also very popular. We tend to think more of this especially for Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. These blonds are naughty, curvy, especially sexy.

Retro style swimsuit has a lot of space in the spring and summer of 2011/2012, it is no longer the cliché about the blond sexy girl. It's the kind of swimwear that you want to be, whether it's a stunning Monroe or an elegant Kelly.

In the spring / summer 2011/2012 collection, many designers add vintage inspired detailing to their modern swimwear, both high waist and vintage prints, resulting in a richer spirit of the time. Vintage swimsuit has several features: one-piece swimsuit, waist tie, heart-shaped neckline and suspenders; high waist underwear; interesting printing, checkered, Hawaiian printing, natural theme; emphasize the waist and hip elastic edge; full Cup jacket.


Representative brands: Lisa Blue, Kooey, Nookie Beach

Lisa Blue, the designer swimwear brand launched two years ago by Lisa Burke, was the brand's first solo show on Australian Fashion Week. It is a collection of past and present creations that draw inspiration from different national cultures around the world, including prints of Renaissance paintings, indigenous art, and tribal sensations. However, due to the Indian Goddess printed on the swimsuit pattern caused the protests of Indians, I am afraid the designer unexpected. It seems that in the use of different cultural elements, we must first have a more in-depth understanding of the national culture, this is the designer compulsory homework.


Kooey is an underwear and swimwear brand in Australia. This season's collection is inspired by historical artifacts from Australia and the "dreamtime" of Aboriginal people. Series offers a retro swimwear style --- bold color high waist bikini.


The Nookie brand unveiled its sister brand Nookie Beach at this Australian Fashion Week, a brand targeted at swimwear and beach / holiday wear. The theme line is "Nirvana", combining a novel swimsuit shape with a bold print that combines purple, blue and pink with pastel hues, such as laterite, sandstone and nudity.

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