Good prospects for jewelery and jade market?

Good prospects for jewelery and jade market? Due to the continuous fall in the price of gold, consumers who like to invest in gold have recently turned their attention to jewellery and jade. Experts remind that the current value-added space for jewellery and jade is indeed larger, but consumption has to be rational.

The jadeite jade is also popular with consumers and its consumption is also very good. However, gemstone experts reminded that whether it is a gem or jadeite jade, although there is an increase of 20% every year, consumers still have to be cautious when purchasing, and understand the relevant knowledge before consumption.

The exhibition covers a wide range of categories, including jewelry, pearls, precious stones, and jades. The site also provides free identification and inspection services, providing escorting services for consumers with value for money. The exhibition will be held on July 8. End of the day.

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