Chow Tai Fook "Love because of you and perfect" romantic presentation

Guests Speak On-site Interaction Links Guests and Guest Guests Invited by the Guests On the afternoon of March 10 and 11, the temperature in early spring continued to be sluggish. On the occasion of the advent of White Valentine's Day, And perfect "romantic feast at the front door Chow Tai Fook flagship store kicked off. Chow Tai Fook committed to building the Chinese first jewelry brand, with love as the theme, with gorgeous exquisite jewelry technology and more than 80 years of jewelry culture for the presence of guests and prospective new people, passing on the sincere, about the eternal love story . The scene of the event, sweet couple guests and invited media guests to witness, "love you and perfect" hot topic activities, under the cherry tree, witness the sweetness of love. Live colorful activities with each couple, pink "Sweet Proverbs" cherry open in the symbol of love and romance of the cherry tree; field hand-made flowers, allowing you to experience the rhythm of the busy city, belonging to Own romance, dear TA hand-designed; flower-themed jewelry design, to be their own designer, unique jewelry design, at Chow Tai Fook, you can achieve high-level customization. Pure romantic white Valentine's Eve is always full of sweet expectations. Chow Tai Fook has been watching this sweet festival since 2008 and is launching a nationwide white Valentine's Day special theme program. In 2012, Chow Tai Fook will be romance upgrade, and "perfect match" a lover went to Japan, to accept the perfect wishes of Chow Tai Fook DisplayAd ();

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