AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand new women's summer 2012 summer to join

What's new for women in summer this summer? AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand to join; AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing is Dongguan Beine Si (International) Co., Ltd. under the women's apparel brand, the company was founded in 2005, specializing in the production of branded women's clothing sales across the country, AIMISUO · Amy Sue The development of women's brand image Chain stores nationwide franchise; AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's collection of a single set, design, production, sales, brand operation as one of the professional women's clothing company.


What's new for women in summer this summer? AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand to join; AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand of "forward-looking, determined to innovate" business purpose. To maximize the benefits and profit margins to meet the needs of the general consumer groups and customers in order to achieve and customers "Double win-win" humanistic business philosophy. AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's wear a sword for ten years, thick and thin hair, the season's goal is to set up China's best women's brand chain.

AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand to join, AIMISUO · Amy Suo is composed of a young and dynamic team, as the new army in the women's wear industry, AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's wear has been adhering to the "honesty, trust, diligence, and The spirit of enterprise. Strive to "AIMISUO A Misso" brand women do a good job, stronger and bigger. AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's deep note: You have the benefit, only our interests. I hope you and I work together to create AIMISUO Amy Su brilliant women's future. AIMISUO · Amyiso with a smooth flow of logistics systems and improve the franchise model, the successful AIMISUO A Miso series of apparel and culture to all parts of the country, has now officially accepted the contract to join.

Target consumer groups: 20-40-year-old fashion white-collar workers, urban new women, the pursuit of quality, intellectual intellectual woman.
Spring and summer price range: 169-699 autumn and winter price range 269-1999
Company Name: Dongguan Bei Na Si Clothing Co., Ltd. Brand Name: AIMISUO · Amy Suo Company Address: Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, the first industrial zone A10 Building Free hotline:

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